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Gifting & Wrapping

One of the loveliest things for me about running Blossom & Friday is hearing from makers who have gifted their handmade treasures to loved ones. For me, nothing is more special than a gift that is lovingly made with intention.

Why not make the whole gifting experience really special by adding a little something extra with the wrapping.

My patterns come with downloadable gift tags and mini certificates so that you can really add to the whole experience.

Choose beautiful papers, or a lovely box. One of my favourite things to do is to create a little handmade gift bag using Kraft wrapping paper and hand stitching it together.... I LOVE paper sewing, it's so easy and so much fun. You could stitch some details around a gift tag, add scraps of fabric.... get really creative!

Boxes or Paper?

For me this depends on what type of doll you are making. If you are making a doll that will be cuddled or decorational then just decide on the wrapping that you prefer or use what you have available.

For a seasonal doll like an angel or fairy then I definitely recommend a box as it can be stored away and keep the handmade treasure safe for many years to come.

I keep and recycle any ribbon I can get my hands on... I have a stash of washi tape and an addiction to beautiful wrapping paper! Often though I will use plain Kraft wrap and decorate it myself.

Be as creative with your gift wrap as you are with your doll-making.

Match colours.. or don't! Inject YOUR personality into the gift wrap. I remember a family member saying to me that she always knows when a gift is from me as it is wrapped with an extra touch and lots of colour.

Check out my Pinterest page HERE for more lovely wrapping inspo!

Have fun!

Lucy x


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