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Doll Design Workshop

Have you dreamed of designing a unique, beautiful doll of your own? Or maybe you love the idea of creating a doll design that you can sell patterns or kits from. Perhaps you want to make a special one-off doll just for you or for a loved one or maybe you just want to try a new hobby... the Doll Design Workshop is most definitely for you!

If you know me and my work you will know that I don't work in a linear way most of the time. I work best by using my intuition, building on ideas, looking at new and creative ways to get a look that I want. This workshop is designed around my exact doll design method but with all the faff taken out.

It took me months to get to grips with all of the details of creating a doll, how-to's, tips and tricks and in this workshop I take out all of that and just give you the refined, strealined, creative and very best way to come up with a doll you can be super proud of.

The feeling of designing, creating and sharing something you made and that you are proud of is a wonderful one...

Take a look at all the juicy details of the workshop HERE

Below are some dolls I have designed using the Doll Design Workshop process.

And this last doll, 'Celia Spoon' is the doll I made as I designed the workshop and the pattern to make her is only available (as a gift from me!) to those who sign up for the workshop.


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