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Are your patterns suitable for beginners?

YES!  As long as you have a basic understanding of sewing and how to use your machine (Youtube is great for learning the basics!) then you most definitely can make these patterns.

How long does a doll take to make?

Well, that depends...  If you want to follow slowly and watch all the steps on the video and then pause to create your own it may take 3-4 hours.  If you are a more experienced sewist and skip through to the parts you need help with then probably only about 2 hours or less

Do I need a sewing machine?

In most cases yes, a sewing machine is recommended.  It is possible to hand sew most of them but you will require a bit of practise and a lot of patience.

Do the clothes patterns fit all the dolls?

Yes!  (apart from the babies) the clothes will fit the animals and the dolls.  The doll has longer legs than the animals so you may find that you prefer to make the Spring and Playtime collection a little longer for a doll but this is easy to adjust in the pattern.

What size will my doll be?

All patterns can be sized up and down by simply printing at a higher or lower percentage, however if you print without re-sizing the dolls will be approximately as follows:

Animals  - 12 inches (not including the ears)

Dolls - 15 inches

Babies - 5 inches

Can I make dolls from the patterns to sell commercially?

No.  Please only make the patterns for you own use.  If you make a few to sell locally at a fair or charity sale then do contact me and I can make an exception but please don't make the dolls to sell online.

What materials will I need?

If you are making the dolls and animals at the standard size you will need approximately 1 fat quarter for the body fabric, some small pieces or scraps for the inner ears, a few small pieces of felt for the nose and cheeks and other facial details on some of the creatures.

For the babies pattern you only need a very small piece of fabric (approx 25 x 25cm). You will also need stuffing and embroidery thread.

Full details of what materials are needed are included in each pattern

What tools will I need?

You will need a sewing machine, fabric scissors, removable sewing pen or pencil, pins.  There are also some tools that are recommended but not essential, such as a turning tool and temporary fabric glue stick.  In the tutorials I will share tips and tricks of what household items you can use instead of these (and just as effectively, too!)

Are the finished dolls suitable for babies and young children?

No.  When making a doll or stuffed toy you must take responsibility, as the maker, to ensure that it is safely used.  It is impossible for me, as the pattern designer, to verify how the dolls are made and to what standard.  Small and/ or loose parts can be extremely dangerous to small children and babies.  If in doubt, please ensure that your creation is used as a decorational item only.

Can I buy the animal patterns individually, instead of a pair?

No, it is not possible to split down the 'double' patterns.

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