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Choosing Fabrics

This blog post digs in to the specifics of some of the fabrics I use and some of the types in these photos. For a full, downloadable resource guide, please click HERE to download

I get a lot of questions about which fabrics I use when making a my own dolls. I do go into this in the printed instruction guide that comes with your digital pattern download, but I thought I would create a blog post that goes a little further and to you give you some specific information about the colours.

Above top row: Mouse - WHITE (E014-1387). Rabbit - ROSE (E014-1310). Botton row: Rabbit - NATURAL (E014-1242 ). Kitty - SILVER (E014-1333). Kitty - DUSTY BLUE (E014-362).

'Making little clothes is lots of fun because all you really can raid your scrap stash or buy small pieces'.

As I have said before, I really love the Essex linen range by Robert Kaufman. The fabric is a blend of linen and cotton and is strong but with a little stretch too. What I love most about it is the texture, it has quite a high-end feel and look that has something a little more interesting going on than plain cotton alone. Kaufman also makes a range called 'Yarn dyed' which uses different shades within the weave and gives a very textured chambray look. This really shouldn't limit you though as this is just my personal preference and you may find that pure linen or cotton or some other fabric works really well for you.

Above: Tiger (body) - CEDAR Yarn Dyed (E064-443). Tiger (nose) - Espresso (E064-1136). Tiger (white on arms) - WHITE (E014-1387). Panda (dark fabric) PEWTER (E014-1470) Panda (white) - WHITE (E014-1387). Elephant - SILVER (E014-1200). Lion (body) - LEATHER (E064-178). LION (mane & nose) - NUTMEG (E064-1255) Making little clothes is lots of fun because all you really can raid your scrap stash or buy small pieces. The Playtime Clothing Collection and The Sweet Spring Collection are really easy to follow patterns. You could make a delightful mini wardrobe in an array of beautiful patterns and colours.

The above picture is a little collection of some of my favourite scraps including vintage pieces that I found at t flea market and little cut offs from other things I have made. I even utilise tiny pieces to make patch pockets for the outfits.

For clothing fabric I recommend something lightweight like a cotton lawn Liberty of London is my favourite!

I also like to be inspired by colours in nature, like sea glass tones, autumnal colours and so on. You can get really creative and add so much personality to an heirloom doll with the fabrics and colours you choose.

There is so much fun to be had in planning and making your doll and their clothing... matching colours or an eclectic mis-matched bundle of loveliness... the choice is all yours.



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