designed with you in mind:

Forget hard-to-follow, complicated patterns where the end result looks absolutely nothing like the intended creation!


I have designed my patterns with YOU in mind.  So unless you are already an heirloom doll maker then you might not know exactly how to attach doll arms and legs and you might not have practised stuffing a doll to get just that cute look...

so let me walk you through the steps.  By following my video tutorial you will see EXACTLY how I sew and piece together my creations.

You really can create an heirloom treasure that looks and feels professionally made.

Each pattern contains a print-out-sheet for your doll(s) template and for their clothing.


I recommend you start out by printing the patterns at A4 size or very similar.

This photo gives you an idea of sizing for different papers which are super fun to experiment with once you have some experience of making the pattern.

doll sizes.jpg

You will also receive a full printable guide which outlines each and every step to creating your heirloom treasure.

Both the video tutorial and the printable guide detail the tools and materials you will need to make your doll, including cheats and alternatives so you don't have to invest in specialist doll making equipment if you don't want to.

Each digital pack also contains a printable gift page which includes gift tags, a makers certificate and care guide so that gifting your beautiful creation is as much of a delight as crafting it.