Bouncing Babies!

The thing I have learned is that patterns take a long time to create. The reason for this is that my main objective is to make them as easy to follow as possible. I know that a printed guide doesn't often give enough information or really specific instructions. An example is how I stuff my dolls... I could tell you in writing 'stuff the head' but it just isn't enough information to get exactly the right look and shape that I know you will be satisfied with.

Anyway, this little post is just to say that there are plans bubbling away... drawings and designs, prototypes and videos etc all happening. The next group of patterns will be an Elephant and Lion sold as a pair and then next up a collection of babies! A baby version of each animal pattern so far will be included in one pattern bundle along with a carry sling pattern.

Pattern plans for the future include a doll design and then smaller add-on doll patterns to create a mermaid, a fairy, a bathing beauty and a grabby doll (I can't wait to share that one) amongst others.

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