20th October 2021

Listings Preview

Here are the preview listings.  They will be going live at 8pm (BST) 20th October

It is unlikely that I will be listing any more dolls in 2021

Please note the following:

Clothing can only be purchased with the purchase of a doll

Dolls do not come with any clothing included in the price

Clothing will fit all dolls but the 'long' dresses will be extra-long on the animal dolls.  I will check each item of clothing fits your doll and contact you if there are any issues.

If you would like any custom clothing I *may* be able to accommodate if you have purchased a doll and due to items sold, the clothing listings is limited.  Please DM me for further information.

I will update this page as and when I can but please don't be disappointed if items listed here are no longer available in the Etsy store


Handmade & Unique

All animal dolls are approximately 12 inches long (not including ears)  

 Tiger Doll - SOLD

Panda Doll - Cotton Linen and pure wool felt - £60

Lion Doll - SOLD

Dark Brown/ Charcoal Bunny - Textured cotton linen - £60

Heirloom Treasures

 Unique handmade dolls that will be treasured for a lifetime

Orange Kitty - Soft orange cotton linen - £60

Natural Teddy in textured cotton linen - £60

Grey Mouse - textured grey cotton/linen - £60

Blue Kitty - Teal cotton/ linen doll - £60

Cream Bunny - Cotton/ Linen - £60

photo collage - desktop wallpaper.jpg

Handmade Dolls

Dress up these little cuties in whatever outfits you think will suit her best!

All dolls are approx 15 inches tall

Top left to right:

Medium Brown Haired doll - £80

Red/ Pink fabric haired doll - £70

Red felt haired doll - £80

Bottom left to right:

Grey fabric haired doll - £80

Brown haired doll (braids & ribbons) - £80

Ginger felt haired doll - £70

Party Dress - Mid Length

Red Gingham - Sweet dress with heart button - £12

Tiger Dress - Mid -length dress with tie band - £14

Grey Floral with one patch pocket - £12

Butterfly Dress - Straps and midlength cotton dress - £14

Bright Floral - Cotton Lawn Dress - £14

Liberty Blue - Liberty Lawn Cotton Dress, Strapless with bow detail - £14

Black & Flower - Cotton and Steel fabric, strapless (slight fault in the front stitching, only affects minimally how the fabric falls) - £10


Rompers & Pinafores

Cute little rompers and pinafores

Pink Pinafore - Pale pink cotton, patch pockets - £10

Floral Romper - SOLD

Striped Romper - Merchant Mills fabric - £10

Liberty Blue Romper - SOLD

Blue Flowers Romper - SOLD

Taupe Gingham - Gingham romper with Liberty patch pockets - £14

Long Party Dresses

These long dresses are super-gorgeous for any Blossom Doll, bear in mind if buying for an animal doll, they will be extra long.

Berries - Strapless lawn cotton dress with lace band - £14

Ponies - Strapless dress (fabric from Cotton and Steel)  - £14

Candy - Strapless Cotton dress  - £14

Bows - Long party dress in cotton fabric, with straps - £14

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