Professional Dollmaker Course

Introducing the

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A 6 week course designed to take you from Hobbyist to Professional

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Professional Dollmaker Course

Introducing the

A 6 week course designed to take you from Hobbyist to Professional

Learn how to build a profitable, fulfilling business as a Dollmaker. 

Learn how to connect with ideal clients, grow a beautiful unique business and make money doing something you love.


Just a second before I dig into all the exciting details about this course, let me tell you who it is designed for...

You have some experience making dolls, art dolls or stuffies and you want to expand this knowledge and create a thriving business.  You want to make something meaningful and also make money doing it!

Whether you're...

A maker who wants to take the doll design they have created and learn how it can be fine-tuned, branded and marketed to make money for you, either as a hobby that pays for itself or as a thriving business.

An established dollmaker who wants to advance their business, learn how to brand their work, market their designs and grow their opportunities and income doing so.

A maker who wants to look at new and exciting ways to grow a business, possibly by making a passive income from doll patterns and designs too.

A maker who wants to supplement their income with dollmaking.  Perhaps you own another business and a line of heirloom, handcrafted dolls would really compliment your existing business and bring in more money.

You’re in the right place and I’m going show you how my The Professional Dollmaker Course will give you the motivation, tools, support and guidance to build a beautiful creative dollmaking business.

By the end of the course you will have:

The knowledge and confidence you need to create a beautiful brand centred around your doll design/s, a brand story and a clear path to connecting with your ideal clients as well as an understanding of who your ideal client is and how to reach them

Learned how to create and refine a process of making, batching, sourcing as well as exploring opportunities for future growth such as outsourcing and wholesale

Learned how to price and sell.  You will have the confidence to charge the true value of your creations in a way that put real value on your time and creativity

Knowledge on where to sell your dolls and how as well as how to foster a community of clients around your work and how to add value to the creations you offer them

A plan for the future and a set of goals to work towards,  An understanding of how you can make this beautiful exciting business work for you.  

A community of like-minded friends and makers to share your journey with and support each other along the way


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If for any reason you decide the course is not for you, you cancel any time up until the end of the first week for a full money-back guarantee.

What’s Included in the Course?

  Week One - Branding & Finding Your Ideal Client

Sometimes it can feel challenging to find people who are your ideal clients, people who value your work and your art and who are willing to pay for the quality and design that you provide.  In this first week we look at branding, finding that ideal client creating a solid foundation for your business.

   Week Two - Story, Community & Marketing

What is is that connects us to brands we love?  A story of course.  In week two we look at how you can create a brand story for your creations and how you can use that to connect with your ideal client via Social Media and Marketing as well as nurturing a community of passionate fans.

    Week Three - Process & Systems

Effective, efficient processes and systems are how you can make your business work for you.  There is no one-size fits all method for this.  If you plan on making 2 dolls a week or 20 you will need a system that works for you and in this section you will learn all of the tools you need to do that.


   Week Four - Pricing & Selling

Pricing is one of the toughest challenges for a creative.  Am I charging too much?  Too little?  How do I ask for more?  How do I work out how much to charge?  These are questions you might be asking yourself and in this section we look at giving you the confidence to charge the price you deserve.  We also look at selling your creations, where to sell and how to do so.

   Week Five - Connect & Grow

Aside from social media there are numerous other ways you can grow and connect with people and business.  Brand partners and magazine, product champions and partnerships are all ways to connect and grow.  Together we will make a plan and explore ways to can spread the word about your business 

   Week Six - Expansion & Passive Income

With any creative business in this day and age, there are a million ways to expand and grow in other ways.  This week we look at ideas for expansion such as wholesale and pattern design and passive income options.  

It’s time to get excited!  You will be on your way to creating a unique, beautiful and fulfilling business!

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Limited Places Available

VIP Members will receive everything as described in the course contents as well as a 90 minute zoom call with Lucy at the end of the course to look at your business plans , answer specific questions as well as email support and video chat support throughout*.

*Email me with questions throughout the six week period and I will respond either in writing or by recording a message to fully go into specifics about your own business.



When you sign up for the course you will get:

Access to this comprehensive six week course that will enable you to build a unique

and inspiring handmade doll business.

Lifetime access to the course resources including pre-recorded lessons.

A collection of lessons each week (detailed above) each delivered to you by way of video and workbooks making it super easy and fun to follow along and build your business.

Printable worksheets to guide you and keep track of your process

Access to a private Facebook Group dedicated to you and other professional doll makers on this journey as a space to share and support each others work.

Each video lesson will also be available to download as a private podcast episode so you can listen on the go or as you sew!

Additional bonuses


Founding Members LIVE Bonuses!

There will be a live Q&A session each week for six weeks where I will be available to answer questions and talk about the contents of each week.  These will be available in both live and recorded videos as well as podcast format which you can listen to on the go!

One of these Live's will include a bonus lesson called


'Brand Your Online Store'

in which we explore an intuitive and fun way to create a brand style for your business store-front and brand in general.

 Extra Bonus - Photography Week

Week six is a fun week where we look at expansion and ideas such as wholesale options and outsourcing but this may not be for everyone at this stage.  This fun bonus is an ALTERNATIVE week of learning.  You will STILL have access to week six at any time you want after that release date but you can choose instead to spend a week focusing on fine-tuning photography skills and knowledge so that you can do your dolls and your brand justice with beautiful photos.  This will be an in-depth look at styling, set-ups and shooting stills as well as MINI-VIDEOS


Extra mini Bonuses:


As well as a photography bonus you will also receive a collection of editing pre-sets that you can use to add a little magic touch to your photographs!


If you are thinking about the possibility of making a passive income from doll patterns, then this bonus will help you do that.  A free pattern template design for Canva which will make the whole process SO much easier!

Do I have to have an existing doll design?

I would advise that you have a doll design ready and refined by the time you wish to begin the course.   If you are using a pattern that you have bought to make and brand, please make sure you have the relevant permissions to do so.

When does the course take place?

Pre-recorded videos and lesson will be available each week from February 28th 2022.  You can complete the course at any time but if you wish to take part in the live elements these will take place over the six weeks.  VIP members communication must take place within the time period of the course and the 90 minute call within six weeks of the end of the course.

I have never sold a doll before, is this course suitable for me?

YES!  Absolutely!  If you have the desire to build a business you can start from where you are and learn as you go.  I do recommend having at least one doll design that you are confident in making before starting the course.

Will Health & Safety Certification be covered?

This topic will be addressed in the course but the advice given will be by no means definitive.  This requirements can vary greatly between countries and regions and it is up to you to do the research about the relevant certification you will need.  I will be able to show you how to access some of these resources and explain my own situation with regard to this but I will not be able to offer definitive or legal advice.

How long will it take to start my business and can you guarantee it's success?

You can take as long as you like to complete the course but I highly recommend following along within the 6 week period.  This will help your motivation and keep you on track.  The success and launch of your business are entirely dependent on the work you put in.  I can't guarantee any particular outcome but I can give you all of the tools to give you the best possible start. 



To be a maker in this day and age means that we have limitless possibilities at our fingertips!  A worldwide audience who are ready to connect with us!  

Just think - there are people out there right now who are going to LOVE what you make and are going to realise the value of handmade and your work in particular.  This course is going to show you how to connect with them.

It's time to stop dreaming about the possibility of waking up each morning and being excited about your working day.  This is the chance to build a creative business that fits around YOU and your life.

Let's work together, let's have a fun and creative experience and build the business you have been dreaming about and that you know you deserve.

Take your doll making to the next level and create the business you know you will wake up each day excited about!


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