Doll Design Workshop

Introducing the

A comprehensive online course for designing and creating your own beautifully unique heirloom doll

All the resources, tips, tricks and inspiration you need to make a truly unique heirloom fabric doll


Before I tell you all about the workshop, let's talk about who this is designed for...

You absolutely love crafting, sewing and creating for yourself and your loved ones. You follow dollmakers online and would love to be able to create a doll that you can be truly proud to say you designed yourself.

Whether you're

A maker who wants to create a special one-off doll for yourself or a loved one and be part of a fun online community and a course packed full of resources and guides

An enthusiastic beginner with a basic knowledge of your sewing machine and you want to learn all of the essential aspects of dollmaking and improve your sewing skills along the way.

A more experienced sewist who has perhaps made dolls from other patterns and now it’s time for you to create something truly unique that reflects your style.  Maybe this next step will help you take that leap that you have thought about, towards selling some of your own creations.

A dollmaker who licenses doll patterns from another maker to make and sell but wants to move towards having their own, distinctive, recognisable style of dolls.

You’re in the right place and I’m going show you how my Doll Design Workshop will give you the inspiration, tools, support and guidance to create a doll design you can be truly proud of.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

Gathered inspiration for your doll and created a design plan that truly reflects your style (instead of being stuck in that comparison trap of looking at other dollmakers work and wishing you had their design!)

An excellent understanding of (and continued access to) many doll-making techniques, tips and tricks as well as a good knowledge of materials and tools required to make your doll

An efficient doll-making system as well as a pattern to enable you to recreate your doll (or new doll designs!) as often as you like!

A beautiful, unique doll design that you can be truly proud to say that YOU created.

A new-found confidence in your abilities as a dollmaker.

A new community of like-minded friends and makers to share your journey with and support each other along the way

Here's what some of the past attendees had to say about the workshop...





I loved it. The creative side was particularly helpful and fun. I liked that I could work through the teaching lessons at my own pace and when it fitted around work and the kids.








The course was so easy and fun, it definitely exceeded expectations.


I really enjoyed the creative process. It was different than I expected because as a TRUE beginner, I could do it! This gave me confidence, and I liked that I could pause and watch and do it at my own pace. I loved that there was the Facebook group to assist and to motivate, inspire, and share my work with!


The Doll Design Workshop was a joy from start to finish! I really enjoyed your calm, mindful and creative way of teaching. The workshop is great for visual learners like me, with videos to go at your own pace and re-watch a step if you need to. It was more than I expected and great value for money.


or make two easy payments of:

just $42 over two months

Join in the fun, develop your design skills and treat yourself to some much-deserved creative time!

The doors close at Midnight (GMT) on November 29th 2021

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What’s Included in the Workshop?

   Step One - Inspiration and Planning

As someone who has been at the beginning of this journey, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed at all the steps and decisions in the dollmaking process.  The best way to avoid this frustration is to get clarity on where you want to go with your design idea, this is a great foundation for the whole process. In this first lesson, we will have fun together with a planning and inspiration exercise designed to focus down on what kind of doll you will create and who it is for.

   Step Two - Draw & Design

This is where we use small guided steps to start to bring our designs to life. (FYI - you DO NOT need to be skilled at drawing to have fun and success with this course!). We begin looking at the basic shapes of different styles of doll, working out what works best for your doll and then creating an easy 2D plan.  We also look at materials and tools to help you achieve the look you want.

   Step Three - Making Your Pattern

This is where we look at how you will construct your doll, what you need to consider to make a doll that fits your inspiration plan and your style.  This step can be tailored to be really simple, so there is no need to be overwhelmed by the idea of 'creating a pattern' I will show you how you can take your 2d design and begin to envisage and build it in 3d form.  No matter what your level of sewing skill, there is a design option for you here.  I will share with you a collection of templates for you to use as inspiration and tweak to your own style if you are not ready to create a template from scratch.


   Step Four - Making a 'Dummy Doll' 

In this lesson we start to assemble our pattern pieces and create our first version or ‘dummy doll’.  This is such a fun part of the process, you will learn about piecing your doll together, stuffing it  and adding ears, hair, facial details etc and tweaking it to get the look you want as well as looking at different types of arms, legs and joints.

   Step Five - Creating Your Doll

This final lesson is where we take everything we have learned and create a doll.  We look at the basics of creating clothing designs and accessories, we refine the finishing touches that add an extra something-special to your design.  We look at how to style the final details as well as how to make sure that the process for creating further dolls from your pattern is streamlined and easy.

It’s time to celebrate!  You will have created a beautiful doll that you are going to be excited to share, show off and appreciate.

When you sign up for the workshop you will get:

A comprehensive, creative step by step workshop so that you can create a beautiful

and unique doll design

Lifetime access to the course resources including pre-recorded lessons.

A collection of tutorials detailing various aspects of doll design, such as different methods of making doll legs, adding facial details and hair, shoes, clothing etc.  When new tutorials are added in the future you will also have access to these too.

Printable worksheets to guide you and keep track of your process

Access to a private Facebook Group dedicated to you and other doll makers on this journey as a space to share and support each others work.


Extra Bonuses:

Lesson one will be available as both a pre-recorded video and as a live group welcome session where I will introduce you to myself and the course, I will explain lesson one and answer any questions you have in person.  If you can’t make it to the live session, a recording of this event will be available in the Facebook group.


There will also be a Q&A session in the Facebook Group. This gives you the chance to ask questions directly and receive support as you create your Doll Design.

Extra Bonus - Shoe-workshop!

As an extra bonus a there will be a mini shoe-workshop.  This will be a guide to creating shoes for heirloom dolls in three different styles (including the ones shown!)

I have not shared this process before but I am going to let you in on my secrets to creating these delightful little extras for your doll, as well as fabric slipper-boots and ballet style shoes. I will of course show you how you can adapt the sizing for your own doll.


What type of doll will I be making?

You will be making a unique doll to a design YOU have created.  This course is NOT designed to show you how to make any branded type of doll or any particular method like Waldorf, Traditional Teddy Bear or BJD etc.  The doll will be a fabric doll/ rag doll/ cloth doll style.  You might work on creating an animal style doll or a more traditional 'human' style doll.

When does the workshop take place?

The pre-recorded video lessons and resources will be available from June 6th 2022

I'm not too great at drawing!  Does it matter?

I get asked this question very often indeed.  The truth is it really doesn't have a huge effect on designing a doll.  I will show you how to construct a doll pattern using simple shapes and outlines.  I will even give you a collection of pre-drawn shapes for you to use or adapt as you like.  You absolutely do not need to be skilled at drawing to design your own doll or to fully enjoy this workshop!

I'm quite new to sewing, do you really think i have the skill to do this?

YES!  As long as you have a basic understanding of using your sewing machine, you absolutely CAN do this.  Your doll design can be as simple (or as complex) as you like, I will be providing resources and templates to guide you as you go.

What tools and materials will I need?

You will receive a full list of suggested materials but here is a brief outline:


A sewing machine (you could, in theory hand-sew a doll but I would recommend doing this only if you have good stitching skills and lots of patience!), Thread.  Fabric (I recommend starting out with some calico/ cotton canvas fabric or similar as you practise your doll making).  The first exercises we do help to plan and seek inspiration for the types of materials, I would hold off ordering or buying anything specific until after you have done this exercise.  Stuffing.  Fabric Scissors.  Doll or embroidery needle. Turning Tool (I will show you how to improvise if you do not have this) Paper.  Pencil/ Pen. Paper Scissors.


I’m not interested in selling dolls, I just want to create a special one-off doll for myself or a loved one, is the course suitable for me?

Yes! This course is perfect for you.  You may love the process so much that you make more dolls in future or you may just make one special doll and that’s perfect too.  Lesson one will help you to plan a doll with intention, to really focus on WHO you are making it for.  This is not just doll-making for it’s own sake, this course will help you create something with meaning and love.

Can I use my doll design to sell dolls in future?

Of course!  It’s your doll design! You made it yourself and you can do anything you like with it.  

How long will it take me to make my doll?

Whilst the live elements of the course span over a 2 week period, you can take as long as you like to make your doll, you have lifetime access to the information in this workshop. 

There really is no time-limit set. If you did want to complete the course in the first couple of weeks, this is absolutely doable.  If you worked through the course efficiently and at a level that suits your skill, I estimate you could have a completed doll after investing 5-10 hours of your time.



I am absolutely 100% in my happy place when I have a couple of hours to myself with the radio on, a cup of tea and I can design, play and create. 


Doll-making is a multi-layered craft and it is so much fun.  It's not just about choosing fabrics, designing and sewing (although those are some of my favourite bits!) it's also about legacy, it's about gifting and sharing, it's about creating mindfully and with intention.

I do hope you will take me up on this invitation to join me on the Doll Design Workshop... it's going to be so much fun!


Give yourself the gift of creating something truly special.  I look forward to getting to know you and seeing your wonderful creations inside the Doll Design Workshop.


I can't wait to help you create your own heirloom doll!

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