the artist and creator behind Blossom & Friday.  


I design and handcraft heirloom dolls, many of which I'm thrilled to say are scattered around the world being treasured by children and adults alike.

I work from a little home studio in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside and when I'm not running around after my three children I love to create, sew and paint. 


Blossom and Friday was born from a desire to learn a new skill.  I had always wanted to learn to sew but didn't really have the confidence to believe I would be any good.  I threw myself into learning anyway and found that I loved everything about it.  I also realised that I could do things my way and create what I wanted.

I knew I wanted to share my journey along the way and so needed a name for this project.  I chose 'Blossom & Friday' because Spring is my absolute favourite time of year when our little orchard is full of apple blossoms and as my youngest child was at nursery on fridays, that was the day I set aside to learn and create.

The Beginning...

My first dolls looked very different to the ones I make today and everything was a steep learning curve... how to attach arms and legs, what stuffing to use, what fabric worked best etc but eventually they started to look the way I wanted and I was delighted when I began to get a bit of a following in Instagram and people were asking to buy them.

Since then Blossom and Friday as continued to change and grow.  My work has been featured in (and on the front cover of )

Mollie Makes twice now (see below for details of my press features), which was so very exciting for me. 


I have so many plans for this growing business and ideas that I am working on and plan to share along the way.


Patterns & Tutorials

My youngest child, Ollie is always delighted when I handcraft a teddy, doll or other treasure for him and it is from this mutual joy  of giving and receiving that the idea to create sewing patterns was born.  


My latest gift to him was a plush kitty (made using my kitty sewing pattern) who was modelled on our own cat Murphy. On Christmas morning Ollie read the label on one of his gifts 

'A little gift for you... I hope you love him as much as I loved making him for you - Mummy x'

He gave me such a monster, rugby-tackle style hug and through teary eyes (he's an emotional little soul) he said 'Thank you, Mummy! I love him!'

He didn't care that his toy kitty wasn't 'factory perfect' (it was rather imperfect as I hadn't sewn with this type of plush fabric before) to Ollie is didn't matter one bit. What he loved and appreciated, was that it had been made for him by me. 

the real Murphy


Since starting out on this journey I have been delighted to be featured in a few national and internally distributed magazines, including Mollie and Makes and Simply Sewing.


I have come to realise the true value of a lovingly made, beautifully crafted treasure and the joy that comes from being able to make and give something precious is what drives me to design and share more patterns.


Now you can you create a handmade treasure that is adored not only because it looks and feels professionally made but more importantly... because YOU made it.


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