Dear Cathy

I'm Lucy and this is my website and the creations I have been working on for the last couple of years.

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I started out by teaching myself to sew.  Then I started making handmade heirloom dolls that quickly became really popular and I was selling them to collectors worldwide.

I then realised that I wanted to share in the joy of the actual making of a really special handmade doll, so that other people could experience  making and gifting something lovingly made to someone they love. 

Sewing patterns are often hard to follow and the end result doesn't look much like it should, so I decided that video tutorials were the way to go.

I have built up a fantastic community of followers in Instagram and received some gorgeous feedback


But there is more in me...

I know I am not reaching my potential, I know there are other areas I haven't explored.  I want to reach out to creative people about their process and about developing passions, just like I did.

I am passionate about creativity.

  Before I found this passion I was a Wedding Photographer 

Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 10.23.59.png

and I co-hosted a successful photography workshop held in Italy.  The annual workshop not only taught photography but became a magical part of the lives of many women.

This is a video I made and edited for the workshop...

I love photography but these workshops made me realise that I want to explore creativity and branding in a field that sets my soul on fire.  

Anyway, what's my point?

Cathy, one day I know I will take your workshop.

 I know it's what I need, I know it will take me from comfort-zone productivity, pocket-money level income and mediocre satisfaction

to sky-high passion, financial abundance and sharing my joy.

I sat up all night looking at the figures, moving things around and I woke up this morning thinking 'just ask', 'just put it out there'.

Cathy, if you will consider a percentage discount/ scholarship I promise you that I will be your most enthusiastic student, I will continue sharing my love of your work with my growing pool of creative people. I will grow and flourish and be the biggest champion of MTDT

I will make a beautiful heirloom doll for each of your gorgeous girls too


I know you are being hugely generous with your scholarships and I also know that you are a business and this is a big ask and possibly hugely unrealistic.  That's OK, I'll be there one day.


But if you are looking to gift a scholarship/ partial scholarship to someone who is ready to fly, someone who will go head-on to this with everything in their power... I'm your girl.

This is meant with the very best of intention, I appreciate and am grateful for everything you do.  You have already made a huge difference to my life.

Lucy x