Resizing the Little Blossom Pattern

If you haven't already downloaded and tried the FREE Little Blossom pattern, then you can start here:

The pattern is fun and easy to do.  You can make a really cute little flower for yourself or as a gift for a loved one... you can even make a whole bunch!

You can also upsize the printout to make a BIG BLOSSOM. you can make is as a cushion or decorative gift.  I think it's actually easier to make than the little one.  There are a few extra steps that I would recommend, as explained in this video.

I would recommend starting by watching the above video and then following along with the Little Blossom Pattern.  Each step will be exactly the same (except for the ones mentioned in the above video) but the scale is obviously different.  Have fun and don't forget to share your creations with me. 

I really love seeing them

Here is the resized pattern page.  It is resized at 300% and the finished flower will be approximately 14 inches wide

Resized Pattern

Blossom & Friday (1).png